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Two inception workshops were held for the research project ‘Creating Opportunities? Economic Empowerment, Political Positioning and Participation of Sex Workers in Kenya and Ethiopia’ , the first in Ethiopia from 22–24 September and the second in Kenya from 26–29 September 2014.

This research project aims to investigate how sex workers – who are often vulnerable, stigmatized and excluded – can be supported by strategic actors (such as officials, agents of the justice system, NGOs and sex workers’ organizations) to be economically empowered and to make developments in the sector more inclusive.

Lorraine Nencel and her team from VU University in Amsterdam gathered with consortium partners in Ethiopia and Kenya to get to know each other. The partners that attended the meeting in Ethiopia were Nikat Charitable Association, Soa-Aids and the University of Addis Ababa. In Kenya, the meeting was attended by Hoymas, the Kenya Sexworker Alliance, the International Centre for Reproductive Health and the University of Nairobi. Apart from practicalities and the planning of the first phase of the research, the main focus of the workshop was on the content of the research. Perceived obstacles and enabling factors were discussed with regards to sex workers, especially in relation to economic empowerment. Other pertinent issues were the conceptual framework of the research and the types of knowledge that sex workers need to become more empowered.

Read the report of the kick-off meeting in Addis Abeba  here.
Read the report of the kick-off meeting in Nairobi here.

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