Our research programme on the digitalisation of basic services in Africa explored how digitisation relates to inclusion. As more and more public services are digitalised governments must be cognisant of the exclusion that can occur, specifically within poor and vulnerable groups. 

According to our research programme on the digitalisation of basic services in Africa, here’s what we need to ensure that public services are equitable:

  • Develop people’s digital skills
  •  Invest in rural infrastructure, both for electricity and internet connectivity
  • Offer public access points
  •  Content should be relevant, localised and disability-friendly
  • Subsidising mobile devices and data costs
  • Develop trust by opening civic spaces and working with CSOs
  • Build on existing technology already mass adopted, like mobile phones/apps/banking

With this video we explore the challenges of achieving inclusive digitalisation and offer practical solutions, making the case for an inclusive digital transformation of public services.  

For more information on the research programme, please visit this page


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