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We are a Dutch-African platform that promotes evidence-based policymaking on inclusive development in Africa through research, knowledge sharing and policy dialogue.

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The Decent Jobs for Youth Knowledge Facility: Learning, sharing, and engaging

Partners of the UN Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth launch knowledge facility and…

Linking business performance with sustainable job creation – the evidence is here!

Private sector development (PSD) interventions alone will not automatically create the (better-quality) jobs needed for…

Political empowerment of women in Africa: Influence or number?

In recent decades women’s political representation has significantly increased in Africa. From 2000 to 2018,…

Angel investment funds: the future of work in Tunisia?

Multiple partners Angel Investment Fund is a possible funding instrument to stimulate youth entrepreneurship and skills transfer necessary to meet the challenges associated with the changing nature of the future of work.

By Tom van Zantvliet +2 more
Moving forward in Africa’s poverty reduction

Despite gains since 1990, poverty is still a severe reality for millions of Africans. Due…

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How and why economic inequality matters for inclusive development

The costs of extreme inequality are increasingly being acknowledged in development agendas for Sub-Saharan Africa.…

Narratives that Matter: Community Led Research, Activist CBOs and Development Aid in Nairobi

This book is one of the outcomes of a collaborative research project entitled ‘CBOs within…

By HOYMAS and Ghetto Foundation
Navigating possibilities of collaboration: how representative roles of diverse CSOs take shape. A literature review

This literature review was conducted in the context of the research programme ‘New roles of…

By Margit van Wessel +7 more
Educational reform in Sub-Saharan Africa

Education is back on the core research agenda for INCLUDE. This two-pager highlights the current…

Adjust, resist, disband?

CSO responses to state and non-state repression in Bangladesh and Zambia.