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Making knowledge work for inclusive development

We are a Dutch-African platform that promotes evidence-based policymaking on inclusive development in Africa through research, knowledge sharing and policy dialogue.

COVID-19: challenging inclusive development in Africa

A dedicated page to share knowledge on how the coronavirus pandemic and related interventions are likely to affect development programmes and the livelihoods of people in Africa.


Latest News & Blogs

Identifying growth sectors for youth employment

Improving labour market outcomes requires increasing youth’s access to employment opportunities, but one of the main contributors to the unemployment problem is the lack of productive opportunities.

The rich people’s virus? Latest reflections from Zimbabwe

COVID-19 is certainly an unequal disease, but in unpredictable ways. In Zimbabwe, it affects the rich and powerful disproportionately through illness and death and the poor through livelihood struggles during lockdown. How will the inequality virus’ evolution pan out over the coming months?

Getting up to speed with inclusive development

Find out what the INCLUDE team have been reading in February 2021. Whether you are seeking information to guide policymaking, embarking upon a piece of research, or simply interested in broadening your knowledge and staying updated on inclusive development in Africa, we hope this source can be a good starting point.

Adaptive, protected and gender equal - what is a decent job according to Malawian youth?

How does the official ILO definition of a decent job resonate with youth in Malawi? Is a decent job only possible in the informal sector? Is ‘decent job’ different for men and women? What is needed to make more jobs decent in Malawi?

Using Mobile Phone and Satellite Data to Target Emergency Cash Transfers

This blog discusses the methods used by the Togolese government, in partnership with GiveDirectly, to expand the Novissi emergency fund to the poorest people living in rural areas.

Latest Publications

Cash transfers for food and futures

The concluding report of the 'Cash transfer for food security project', conducted by The Broker in conjunction with three Dutch knowledge platforms, discusses how, and to what extent, cash transfers can be an effective way of realizing food security in fragile settings.

By Kiza Magendane +2 more
Implementation of cash transfers and cash-based approaches

This report is about the implementation of cash transfers. It gives insight into the different types of cash-based approaches and the implementation aspects that play a role in the inclusiveness of cash transfer programmes.

INCLUDE's backbone: 2020 publications

In their activities for their respective organization or institution, our platform members have published a number of knowledge products in 2020. Find them in this overview.

The short-term impact of COVID-19 on Ethiopia’s economy through external sector channels

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to considerably affect the Ethiopian economy directly and indirectly due to global shocks and to the different restrictive preventative measures the country is taking.

Ongoing momentum for 'Assumptions programme' findings

This research update lists some of the scientific papers that build on the New Roles of CSOs for Inclusive Development projects’ work.