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Making knowledge work for inclusive development

We are a Dutch-African platform that promotes evidence-based policymaking on inclusive development in Africa through research, knowledge sharing and policy dialogue.

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INCLUDE conference: 'Building forward more inclusively'

June 8-16, the INCLUDE conference will center around the challenges and opportunities regarding COVID-19 in the continent, linking to what has been learnt from the INCLUDE research and dialogue programmes that have been ongoing this past year.

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Webinar series round up: 'What and when is a job decent according to youth in Africa?'

Access all the output from our webinar series, including the synthesis report and video, and links to the findings from all 9 webinars.

By Hannah Itcovitz +2 more
Getting up to speed with inclusive development

One of INCLUDE’s core beliefs is that so much knowledge already exists, it just needs guiding to the right places and the right people in order to reach its full impact for policy and, ultimately, for development.

Dignity, hope and security - what is a decent job according to Tunisian youth?

As we approach the end of this webinar series, we hand over our ongoing discussion on “What and when is a job decent’ to youth in Tunisia.

African Policy Dialogue update - Education reforms in Kenya

The APD on 'Education reforms in Kenya', assesses the extent to which the current education reforms address inclusion and equity in education. In this post you can read a summary of the work emerging from this APD.

African Policy Dialogue update – Productive and decent work for youth and women in Uganda

A lot of activitiy is ongoing in the APD 'Assessing opportunities for productive and decent employment and effective strategies to promote job creation in strategic agro-industrial value chains in Uganda'). Here, you can find a summary of recent outputs from this APD.

Latest Publications

Rural youth employment in Africa: an evidence review

Most of world's poor today are found in rural Africa, while agriculture remains the backbone of most countries in SSA. This Evidence Synthesis Paper discusses the potential of the rural economy to provide decent employment for rural youth in Africa.

What and when is a job decent according to youth in Africa?

This synthesis collates the information gathered during a webinar series organised by Restless Development Uganda and INCLUDE, which brought youth perspectives from 9 African countries into the debate on decent work for youth.

By Hodo Hassan +2 more
Policy responses to COVID-19 and socio-economic vulnerability of households in Mali

This case study aims to systematically reconstruct, document and analyse the response to the covid-19 pandemic and the inclusion of socio-economic inequalities in this response in Mali.

Beyond the curve: equity in Rwanda’s COVID-19 response

This report examines the impact of the state and non-state COVID-19 responses on the wellbeing of Rwanda’s poor, specifically: taxi-velo drivers, taxi-moto drivers, market women and the elderly.

COVID-19 in Ghana

This report systematically reconstructs and analyses the state and non-state responses to COVID-19 in Ghana and their impact on the wellbeing of Ghana’s poor and vulnerable.