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COVID-19: challenging inclusive development in Africa

A dedicated page to share knowledge on how the coronavirus pandemic and related interventions are likely to affect development programmes and the livelihoods of people in Africa.


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COVID-19 and the future of work in Africa: How to shore up incomes for informal sector workers

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to disrupt the global economy, not only the health…

Impact of COVID-19 on micro, small, and medium businesses in Uganda

While measures may have contributed to the successful reining in of the virus, those same restrictions have hit business operations hard.

Frugal Innovation during the COVID-19 crisis: Examples from East Africa

The slowdown of international trade and importation of goods has stimulated local innovation in a new and even surprising way.

Connecting the dots: results of the evidence synthesis on youth employment programmes in Africa

Results of the evidence synthesis on youth employment programmes in Africa conducted in the frame of ‘Boosting decent employment for Africa’s youth’ research initiative.

A sector worth billions whose employees now lack food and jobs

A rapid assessment of the effects of COVID-19 by Hivos East Africa shows that high food prices and loss of income are the major concerns for women working on flower farms in Kenya.

Latest Publications

Complementarities in CSO collaborations: how working with diversity produces advantages

Exploring Southern perspectives on advocacy collaborations, complementarity, diversity and Southern ownership and leadership.

By Margit van Wessel +2 more
Promoting decent employment for African youth as a peacebuilding strategy

Evidence synthesis that explores the role of decent work and political economy in strengthening the impact of youth employment programmes on peacebuilding.

Workplace based learning and youth employment in Africa

Evidence synthesis that reviews workplace-based learning schemes in Africa. Particular attention and recommendations are given to TVET and informal apprenticeships.

Young, female and African: barriers, interventions and opportunities for female youth employment in Africa

Evidence synthesis on what are the key barriers, interventions and opportunities for young women to access employment in formal and informal sectors in Africa.

To get to work

Local Employment in Africa for Development (LEAD) programme synthesis report; connecting supply and demand-side interventions for youth employment in African countries.

By Frank van Kesteren +2 more