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We are a Dutch-African platform that promotes evidence-based policymaking on inclusive development in Africa through research, knowledge sharing and policy dialogue.

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Getting up to speed with inclusive development

Every month we share with our readers a curated reading list on inclusive development. Here you can find the list for November 2021

YOUTH @ WORK: The Enabling Environment Webinar Overview

What is an enabling environment and what is its role and impact on employment creation for youth? These were the main questions of this week’s Youth@Work webinar.

YOUTH @ WORK: Policies and Government Actions - Overview of the fourth webinar

What are the policies and programs elaborated and implemented by African governments to stimulate the creation of youth employment opportunities? These were the main questions of this week’s Youth@Work webinar.

Let the work commence!

On 21st October 2021, INCLUDE kicked off its latest research programme, “Digital divides or dividends: including basic services in Africa’s digital transformation agenda”. The meeting set the stage for a transparent, collaborative and aligned research process which will help the programme to run smoothly and increase its efficacy and impact.

Youth@Work in Crises and Conflicts: overview of the third webinar

How do crises and conflicts affect youth employment and how can employment be sustained in…


Latest Publications

COVID-19 policy responses and equity impact in Ethiopia

COVID-19 does not discriminate on the basis of geography, economic status, ethnicity, religious belief, or…

By Kassa Teshager and Tesfaye Chofana
Burkina Faso-etude pays sur les mesures et l’impact de la COVID-19

L’étude analyse les stratégies adoptées et des mesures prises par le gouvernement du Burkina Faso…

How improving quality and standards in the Ugandan fish value chain impacts sustainable development of decent jobs

This brief shows how quality assurance along the fish value chain is critical in ensuring that youth and women have sustainable decent jobs, economic transformation, and fostering agro-industrialisation in Uganda.

Ghana country study on COVID-19 measures and impacts

Ghana, a lower middle-income country since 2010, has a number of social protection programmes for…

Burkina Faso country study on COVID-19 measures and impacts

The Covid-19 pandemic emerged in Burkina Faso at the time of a difficult economic, political…