Hannah Itcovitz

Hannah works as a knowledge broker at the INCLUDE Secretariat as part of The Broker team. Having received an MA in Economics from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in Urban Management and Development from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, she pursued an internship in circular economy strategies and sustainable cities with Metabolic consultancy, and worked as a research assistant for Erasmus Research and Business Support (ERBS), before joining The Broker in 2019.

Hannah is fascinated by the complexity of development challenges, with a particular interest in Africa due to its immense potential and unique constraints. Her masters thesis sought to identify key obstacles and opportunities faced by informal businesses in South Africa. Her other research has focused on the use of migrant remittances to support bottom-up development, as well as assessing the nature and causes of inequality in specific emerging and developing countries. Being a knowledge broker gives her the opportunity to explore a range of topics and share the knowledge she has acquired through research and strengthen its usage in policy to create real positive change.

Email: hannah@thebrokeronline.eu