Growth Sectors for Youth Employment

‘Work and income for young men and women in Africa: a political economy and social equity approach to the employment potential of specific sectors and subsectors in African economies’

An AERC – ODI – ERF – INCLUDE collaborative research project.

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This is a collaborative research project commissioned by INCLUDE (with funding from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and implemented by the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) in conjunction with the Economic Research Forum (ERF) and Overseas Development Institute (ODI). The overall goal of the project is to provide new research evidence on the economic sectors with the highest multipliers and potential to create employment opportunities for young people in Africa, focusing on 10 countries from across the continent. Additionally, the project will investigate factors underlying youth’s access to employment opportunities in the growth sectors, and identify inequalities related to gender, spatial, or socio-economic background and how they affect youth’s access to employment.

Read this blog by Winnie Sambu, AERC’s lead for this programme, to learn more about the background of this collaborative programme.

Focus countries

To provide research evidence on growth sectors, case studies will be conducted in 10 African countries: Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia, and Uganda.

Core themes
  • Youth employment
  • Growth sectors
  • Political economy
  • Inequality
List of products
  • Research papers
  • Policy briefs
  • News blogs
  • 3 framework research papers
  • 10 country case studies & research papers.
  • 10 policy briefs
  • 1 synthesis paper

Workshops and Events

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