Policy highlights:

  • Central to this ‘State of Civil Society Report’ is what is seen as the systematic and global crackdown on civic space and the resistance to it. In 2017, this was relevant, even in countries where space had not been restricted before.
  • The report presents a timeline for 2017, on which all major events regarding civic space are reflected. Further, it identifies 10 key trends that impacted on civil society in 2017 and are continuing in 2018: 1) globalised neoliberalism is failing people all around the world, 2) polarising politics are dividing our societies, 3) personal rule by political leaders is undermining democratic institutions, 4) attacks are increasing on journalists reporting on corruption and public protests, 5) growing surveillance and manipulation of opinion is betraying the promise of social media, 6) uncivil society is claiming civil society space, 7) multilateralism is in the firing line, 8) the private sector’s growing role in governance demands more scrutiny, 9) patriarchy is now firmly in the spotlight, and 10) civil society is fighting back and building resolute resistance.
Connected themes
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