Agnieszka Kazimierczuk

Agnieszka Kazimierczuk is a knowledge manager at the INCLUDE secretariat and a junior researcher at the African Studies Centre Leiden. As a Knowledge Manager, she will bridge the academic knowledge and the policy focused predominantly on youth employment in Africa. Agnieszka holds a BA in Economics from Warsaw University (Poland) and a MSc in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands). She is currently finalising her PhD at the African Studies Centre Leiden on the contribution of the private sector to inclusive development in Kenya that she conducted in the framework of NWO-funded project Dutch Multinational Businesses, Dutch Government and the Promotion of Productive Employment in Sub-Sahara Africa: A Comparative Study of Kenya and Nigeria, which was part of the INCLUDE research programme. Prior to her PhD, Agnieszka worked as a freelance junior researcher and a project officer in the Brussels-based advocacy network.