Policy highlights:

  • Improving agricultural productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa remains an important strategy for reducing poverty, enhancing inclusive growth, and promoting structural transformation in the region.
  • To catalyse agricultural growth, governments are advised to invest in: 1) generating knowledge and technology (most importantly R&D); 2) disseminating knowledge and building human capital by financing extension, training, and information services that transfer knowledge and skills to those engaged in agricultural production; 3) reducing transaction costs (e.g. by creating better infrastructure); and 4) attracting private capital (e.g. by establishing public-private partnerships).
  • In addition to increased financial support for the agricultural sector, to maximize impact governments should ensure that public spending is combined with efficient implementation. Recommendations for policymakers include, among others: 1) formulate a more detailed investment plan, including guidance on spending priorities and implementation practices; 2) accompany implementation with a monitorable results framework and allocate budget for adequate evaluation; 3) put in place concrete mechanisms to strengthen accountability; 4) transform top-down budgeting institutions into more participatory organizations to ensure transparency and pro-poor measures and empower citizens.
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