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According to Ton Dietz, Director of the African Studies Centre and member of the INCLUDE Knowledge Platform, INCLUDE’s research on strategic actors is crucial to better understanding who the strategic actors for inclusive development are. It should look specifically at which kinds of businesses can be partners (and also already play a role) in inclusive development. In his contribution to the recent Strategy Session of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he sketches the larger roles that businesses can adopt, but also considers their limits. But there are also other potentially important strategic partners for inclusive growth: organizations that are concerned with the most vulnerable and organizations linked to religion.

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Humphrey Chawafambira

2015-07-22 16:07

I think another strategic partnership for growth will be in the form of training which must include coaching so that organisations cannot be left to run by themselves. the trainers or coaches included in the growth program should play an important role to assist and lead by example instead of give instructions and look from afar.


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