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COVID-19: challenging inclusive development in Africa


This page is dedicated to sharing knowledge on how the coronavirus pandemic and related interventions are likely to affect development programmes and the livelihoods of people in Africa.




Hit hard but fighting back: youth during COVID-19

There is an urgent need to create new jobs in addition to maintaining existing ones, and to support and strengthen programs for skills development among Africa’s youth.

Food security versus disease risk: how Africa is dealing with this policy conundrum

How current policy trends and practices will affect socioeconomic inequalities (both between and within countries), and what can be done to support the poorest and most vulnerable.

The impact of COVID-19 on agri-food systems and value chains in Ethiopia

How are agri-food systems across the world affected by COVID-19 through restrictions in production, demand, trade and transportation?

How COVID-19 affects inequality in Africa

This weekly updated news-item reports on the policy responses to the coronavirus outbreak and the potential impacts of this pandemic on African societies.

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Contributions by our Platform Members

COVID-19 & its impact on African economies: Q&A with Prof. Lemma Senbet

"Given a very strong reinforcement and reawakening by COVID-19 about global interconnectedness, policies must be globally coordinated both at the health and economic levels."

Euro-African COVID-19 solidarity: the leadership

‘World leaders call for an urgent debt moratorium and unprecedented health and economic aid packages’

How African economies can easily recover from the COVID-19 pandemic

"We cannot predict the future, but we can be better prepared for the uncertainties that lie ahead"

Blogs & contributions from our network

A sector worth billions whose employees now lack food and jobs

A rapid assessment of the effects of COVID-19 by Hivos East Africa shows that high food prices and loss of income are the major concerns for women working on flower farms in Kenya.

Why gender-sensitive social protection is critical to the COVID-19 response in low- and middle-income countries

The COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity to address existing gender inequalities through social protection.

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COVID-19 prevention measures in Ethiopia: current realities and prospects

Public health measures that slow down the transmission of the virus should be continued and efforts to prevent transmission to rural areas should be prioritized.

COVID-19 lockdown in Zimbabwe: a disaster for farmers

Zimbabwe’s experience, like elsewhere in Africa, raises questions as to the costs of a heavy-handed lockdown, particularly on the poor and marginalised.

Cameroon’s Anglophones between a rock and a hard place during COVID-19

Should Africa blindly copy pandemic containment measures from other continents?

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Ethiopia - some reflections

Reflecting on economic impacts that will originate in the demand-side and supply-side shocks related to the pandemic and policy responses to it, including lockdowns.