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Although progress has been made towards equity and inclusion in education reforms in Kenya, some gaps remain especially among girls, learners with special needs, learners from low-income households, and other marginalised groups, with the COVID-19 pandemic magnifying these gaps. 

In this Policy Brief, People’s Action for Learning presents an overview of the six Policy Dialogues on education in Kenya held in the past 2 years, and offers the following recommendations to enhance equality and inclusion for all learners:

  • Increase teacher capacity and improve teacher-pupil ratio 
  • Enhance capacities of schools to cater to learners with special needs 
  • Strengthen schools as safety nets for learners with some special needs and disability  
  • Provision for neurodiverse learners 
  • Increase and rationalise resources 
  • Expanding inclusion of children in marginalised areas 
  • Expanding inclusion through Community-Based Learning (CBL) and Home-schooling 
  • Ensuring continuity of learning for all children 
  • Revisit equity and inclusion in the school deboarding debate 

You can download the full policy brief from the link in the right column. 

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