Policy highlights:

  • Research suggests that a green economy contributes to a healthier environment, creates green jobs, and preserves the development of societies by using clean technology and clean energy. Achieving such a green economy requires the creation of enabling conditions (e.g. through tax incentives) as well as direct investment in the green economy.
  • One recommended pathway for such investment is environmental services, such as for climate regulation and drought control.


  • To ensure that investments in environmental services effectively support the development of the green economy, action should be taken on three levels: 1) create an international framework through multilateral agreements, international green investments, and international green trade; 2) create a national framework, for instance, by streamlining property ownership rights and laws and harmonizing, regulating, and promoting public-private partnerships; and 3) invest in education and research to increase awareness and create a positive attitude towards the use of green practices and technologies.
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