This two-pager provides highlights of a debate on mechanisms to promote access to employment for youths, part of a series of five dialogs on inclusive policies and youth employment in the extractive sector in Mozambique held through 2016 and presented in a national workshop on 25 May 2017.

Highlights on promoting access to employment for youth

  • Promote individual initiatives though skills development for both formal employment as well as entrepreneurship/self-employment.
  • More initiative and awareness of rights and responsibilities is needed on the part of youth.
  • Education and vocational training, through public or private technical and vocational training centres, is also needed to promote access to employment.

Strategies to promote employment and employability  

  • Invest significantly in vocational training
  • Provide more training in places where extractive industry companies operate
  • Ensure quality training
  • Provide post-training follow-up
  • Pre-professional apprenticeships
  • Finalise and implement ongoing government policies and public funds, including for community associations such as employment centres and technical-professional training
  • Options for strategies-once-off support, strategies for structural change, Universal policies and/or affirmative action/positive discrimination
  • There is a need to collect data on employment information g., on the labour market, available jobs, and young candidates looking for jobs for evidence based interventions.
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