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Youth employment in Mozambique’s extractive industry

This African Policy Dialogue aims to create a network to increase the involvement of youth in the development of Mozambique.

Led by Centre for Public Integrity (CIP)

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About the policy dialogues

The Mozambican government has articulated its productive employment policies in various national policy documents. However, due to challenges in the implementation of these policies at the local level, guidelines, debates and activities on how investments, especially in the extractive industry, can contribute to productive employment remain fragmented. One of the results is that youth feel excluded from the development initiatives being implemented in their locality.

The proposed solution is to create a more structured and holistic network that shares knowledge and promotes the prioritization of local interests by investors in the extraction of natural resources. The knowledge activities will facilitate the involvement of youth in the social and economic development of Mozambique, focusing on extractive industry projects in Cabo Delgado Province.



  • To ensure that investments in the extraction of natural resources are informed by local context and priorities and generate productive employment and beneficial outcomes for youth
  • To assess previous extractive industry employment processes, identify lessons learned, and recommend and stimulate discussions on how youth-inclusive productive employment policies can be strengthened
  • Center for Public Integrity (CIP)
  • Extractive industry companies
  • Foreign embassies in Mozambique
  • International cooperation agencies
  • National and Provincial Civil Society Platform on Natural Resources and Extractive Industry
  • National Women’s Forum
  • National Youth Network
  • NGOs and institutes working in the field
  • Provincial Traders Forum
  • Respective government agencies at the national, provincial and district levels
Country focus
  • Mozambique