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In the frame of the ‘Boosting decent employment for Africa’s youth’ partnership between INCLUDE, IDRC and ILO, under the umbrella of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth, INCLUDE contracted a series of evidence synthesis papers that take stock of existing evidence on themes relevant to the youth employment debate.

Synthesis Papers

Government Youth Employment Policies and Programmes that Advance Inclusive Growth in Africa
By Charity Chelangat +6 more
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Employment at the Crossroads of Crises: the Experience of African Youth
Youth in Africa face a myriad of constraints that affect their access to and success in the labour market. The current COVID-19 pandemic, which disproportionally affects young people, is putting further pressure on the job market. Youth employment programmes try to tackle these constraints, for example by providing training and skills development (supply side) or promoting entrepreneurship and supporting the development of small and medium enterprises (demand side), or through a combination of these. Some youth employment programmes also aim to empower youth and create a more enabling environment in which they can thrive in the labour market. However, we know very little about the importance of youth empowerment and the enabling environment for employment and business outcomes: this paper aims to address this gap by understanding how a focus on empowerment and an enabling environment matters for the effectiveness of youth employment programmes in Africa cover
How Empowerment and an Enabling Environment Matters for Youth Employment Programme Effectiveness
By Rik Linssen +3 more
Green Jobs for Young People in Africa: Work in Progress
The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and the future of work: could this bring good jobs to Africa?
Rural youth employment in Africa: an evidence review
Promoting decent employment for African youth as a peacebuilding strategy
Workplace based learning and youth employment in Africa
Young, female and African: barriers, interventions and opportunities for female youth employment in Africa
Private sector development interventions and better-quality job creation for youth in Africa

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