Migrants arriving on the island of lampedusa/ Noborder Network via Flickr ; CC BY 2.0

The INCLUDE Working Conference on women and youth employment in Africa touched upon the importance of the absence of long term, decent employment opportunities as one of the drivers of migration from Africa.

Recently, The Broker published its online dossier ‘the Migration Trail’. The dossier pays attention to drivers of migration from the Middle East and Africa and Europe’s policy responses. Through a living analysis, building on a number of expert opinions, research articles, data, videos, updates on academic and policy reports, literature and media, the dossier presents an up-to-date analysis of migration to Europe.

Several articles in this dossier relate to Africa’s inclusive development. For instance, recent drivers of African migration to Europe, the role of organized smuggling networks in the Sahel and the role of EU policies in Africa are discussed.

In analysing the root causes of African migration to Europe, the dossier relates strongly to recent INCLUDE publications on the relationship between youth employment, urbanization and migration, as discussed by Marije Balt and Rob Vos, among others.

By developing a ‘living analysis’, the authors encourage experts to participate in this ongoing, updated analysis. Contributions and comments from INCLUDE members, researchers and network members are, therefore, much appreciated. For more information contact frank@includeplatform.net.

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