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Utafiti Sera: social protection in Kenya

African Policy Dialogue Utafiti Sera: policy knowledge community on social protection in Kenya.

Led by Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR)

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About the policy dialogue

Although researchers in Kenya seek to influence social protection policies and programmes with the knowledge that they generate, they face challenges ensuring that policy-makers use their evidence.

The proposed solution is to transform evidence generation and policy uptake processes through Utafiti Sera, a community of researchers, policymakers, policy practitioners and users. Utafiti Sera aims at ensuring that research evidence on social protection becomes available and is used to inform policy decisions and practices.


  • Ministry of Labour and East African Affairs
  • Ministry of Devolution and Planning
  • Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS)
  • Development partners (World Bank, UNICEF, ILO, DFID, SIDA, WFP, AfDB , among others)
  • Civil society organizations implementing social protection programmes in Kenya (Oxfam, World Vision, Action Aid, HelpAge International, Care
    Kenya, Save the Children)
  • Selected county governments
  • Payment service providers (KCB and Equity Bank)
  • Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA)
  • Development Initiatives
  • Institute for Development Studies and School of Economics, University of Nairobi
  • African Economic Research Consortium (AERC)
  • National Economic and Social Council (NESC)
  • African Institute for Health and Development (AIHD)
  • Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Training
  • Parliamentary Service Commission
  • Select Committee on Social Policy and Social Protection
  • Nation Media Group
  • Africa Platform for Social Protection (APSP)
  • National Social Security Fund (NSSF)
  • To sustain a vibrant policy knowledge community on social protection in Kenya
  • To generate new and synthesize existing research evidence on social protection programmes and make
    them available to policy-makers and practitioners
  • To engage key policy-makers and practitioners through direct contact, policy advocacy and the use of
    issue champions
Country focus
  • Kenya