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The equity implications of COVID-19 responses: Nigeria case study

This study is part of our research programme Equity in COVID-19 and aims to assess the impacts of the policy interventions and mitigation responses due to COVID-19 in Nigeria.

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About the research

The initial measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus virus through lockdowns has affected the Nigerian society, with huge impacts on vulnerable individuals and households. The impact of the pandemic and the range of measures to curb its spread have been monumental in three key areas: access to work and education, systems of power, and the relationship between citizens and the government. This research aims to assess the impacts of these policy interventions and mitigation responses.

Planned activities

  • Desk research to map out the policy measures and mitigation response by state and nonstate actors.
  • Preparation for primary data collection to fll gaps in knowledge and provide additional contextual information.
  • Development of research/data collection tools for primary data collection.
  • Sample selection and conversations with the community.
  • Training of enumerators and pilot study.
  • Data collection.
  • First internal audit to review progress and make any necessary direction tweaks based on available information/data.
  • Complete data collection and conduct data analysis.
  • Second internal audit to identify research gaps in the study.
  • Writing a report.
  • Disseminating fndings.

The general objective is to assess the impacts of the policy interventions (lockdowns and restriction of movement) initiated by the government to curb the spread of covid-19 in Nigeria, and to evaluate the accessibility and effectiveness of the corresponding mitigation measures initiated to curb the effects of the lockdowns.

  • To review the design and implementation features of the policy interventions and mitigation responses in order to assess the inclusivity and equitability in several dimensions, including access (availability, coverage, provision) and magnitude/scale (in achieving the financial and learning needs of beneficiaries).
  • To examine the effects of the policy interventions and mitigation responses on the equitability of power distribution for resource-limited women and the poor as well as on the relationship between the larger society and the government.
Country focus
  • Nigeria


Adamu (Abuia FCT resident) shares how the COVID-19 pandemic affects him.

  • How did the lockdown affect your access to work?
  • How long dit you lose access for?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Do you have any other source of income?
  • How was your income affected during the lockdown?
  • Did you have access to savings?
  • How many dependents do you have in your family?
  • Did you know about the conditional cash transfers made available by the government, and how to access it?