Refugees in Uganda/ F. Noy via Flickr ; CC BY-NC 2.0

Post trauma services for women’s empowerment

Cost-benefit analysis of cash transfer programmes and post trauma services for economic empowerment of women in Uganda

Led by Prof. Mirjam van Reisen, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

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About the research group

Social protection interventions can contribute to reduction in vulnerability and economic empowerment of households and individuals. Due to this, the Government of Uganda has sought to expand coverage of social protection through national legislation. Although psychosocial support is important in economic empowerment of people affected by violent conflict, previous interventions, such as cash transfers, have not addressed the psychosocial effects experienced by survivors of violent conflict, especially in Northern Uganda. This research investigates the cost effectiveness of interventions (cash transfers, trauma-related health and psychosocial support, and support through radio and social media) initiated to strengthen the potential and capacity of female survivors of violence in Uganda.

  • Isis-Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange (Isis-WICCE), Uganda
  • Makerere University, College of Health Sciences (MakCHS), Uganda
  • Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), Uganda
Main question

What is the relationship between cash transfers, the use of health services, and radio/social media targeted programmes with economic development?

  • Uganda