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Entrepreneurship development in Rwanda

Policy-knowledge community on entrepreneurship development in Rwanda.

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About the policy dialogue

The process of reforming the business environment through formalization in Rwanda started in the early 2000s. However, the application of these business reforms remains low. This has not stopped the economy from growing consistently over the past decade. This project carries out action research in order to understand the effect of the business reforms on entrepreneurship growth (especially among youth and women), the role of the private sector in complying with the reforms, and the networking dynamics between entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.

  • To bring out a deeper understanding of Rwanda’s entrepreneurial dynamics
  • To develop a clear perspective on entrepreneurial growth and networking impact, especially with regards
    to youth and women
  • To create knowledge exchange and synergies by bringing together professionals and experts with common interests
  • Entreprenarium in Kigali
Country focus
  • Rwanda