Rémi Kahane, GlobalHort, 2010

Dutch multinational businesses in Africa

Dutch Multinational Businesses, Dutch Government and the Promotion of Productive Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Led by Dr Chibuike Uche, African Studies Centre (ASC), the Netherlands

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About the research group

Multinational businesses can bring knowledge and capital to developing countries and thereby help to create and support productive employment. The extent of their contribution depends, however, on their relationship with both the host and the home governments. This research project investigates the conditions that enable and stimulate skills transfers and the integration of the host’s economy’s local businesses in international value chains and what the home country’s government can do to make growth more inclusive and employment more productive. Focusing on Dutch multinationals, the aim is to shed light on the recent change in Dutch government policy that foresees a transition from aid to trade as the engine of inclusive growth.

  • African Studies Centre (ASC), the Netherlands
  • Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Kenya
  • University of Nairobi, Kenya
Main question

Should multinational businesses adapt to their local environment or should the local environment adapt to multinational (international) standards?

Country focus
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria