The Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) is supporting work under the INCLUDE Platform on National Level Activities (NLA) with an aim of increasing evidence based policy making in the area of social protection. This will be achieved through use of research generated by the INCLUDE supported research groups, EPRC’s synthesis of existing evidence base on social protection and additional evidence from other relevant sources. Specifically, in 2014, the INCLUDE Platform in Netherland commissioned studies on Uganda under the social protection theme, which EPRC is supporting.

It is in this regard, that EPRC is organising a consultative meeting to share a synthesis of the performance of Social Protection Programmes regionally and in Sub Saharan African Countries and specifically provide updates on social protection programme activities in Uganda. In addition, participants will map out the actors involved in social protection agenda in Uganda as a means of identifying the most influential stakeholders that should be targeted to receive and use the policy messages arising from the evidence. This will foster to bridge the gap between knowledge, policy and practise.

Connected themes
  • Understanding the pathway to social protection development in Uganda Download Report
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