On 15 December 2016, INCLUDE organized a roundtable discussion on ‘Productive Employment’, hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To guide the discussion, the INCLUDE Secretariat drafted this discussion paper ‘Productive employment for inclusive development in Africa– what do we know?’.

The paper is structured around three sets of policy questions which have been derived from the NWO-WOTRO/INCLUDE ‘Call for Proposals on Productive Employment’ and sharpened to reflect current policy approaches. The questions are addressed by drawing on INCLUDE’s evidence base, which includes the interim reports of the INCLUDE research projects, INCLUDE’s policy-knowledge communities in Africa, one-pagers, expert contributions, Questions of the Week, and state of the art research documented in INCLUDE’s knowledge base and beyond.

Connected themes
  • Productive employment for inclusive development in Africa – what do we know? Download Report
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