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CSO’s in sustainable development in Ethiopia

Broadening the role of CSOs in sustainable development in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, civil society organizations (CSOs) have played an important role in advancing sustainable development by raising public awareness, developing their own capacity, and engaging with the state. However, these organizations face a number of legal, financial, social and other structural barriers that limit their effectiveness and reach. In this research project, we explore how CSOs have advanced the sustainable development agenda in Ethiopia and examine the various obstacles they face.

The aim of the research is to enhance scientific knowledge about the work and experiences of Ethiopian CSOs working in the environment sector and to explore how CSOs are helping realize sustainable development in Ethiopia. The research will provide a better understanding of the work and activities of CSOs in supporting sustainable development by raising public awareness through the dissemination of research outputs and supporting the capacity building of CSOs, research institutions, organs of justice, and government officials.

The research will consist of a desk study and empirical research. During the literature review, we will examine the international and domestic legal framework in which CSOs operate and look at comparative studies from other parts of Africa. The empirical part of the study will examine the day-to-day work of CSOs. This will be done through interviews with staff of various CSOs in different parts of the country, focus group discussions with stakeholders, and training for new professionals in these areas. The research will also establish institutional academic links between CSOs in Ethiopia and Mekelle University, and pave the way for outreach and training programmes for CSOs as well as government officials and the judiciary in Ethiopia.

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