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New roles of CSOs for Inclusive Development


The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development, and INCLUDE have joined forces for the research programme ‘New roles of CSOs for inclusive development’. The Assumptions Programme investigates the assumptions underlying the civil society policy framework ‘Dialogue & Dissent’. The programme looks at how the assumptions in the theory of change on which the framework is based are playing out in the power and stakeholder context in which civil society organizations (CSOs) operate. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will use the knowledge generated in the ongoing learning agenda with its partners in the current Dialogue & Dissent framework (2016–2020) and as input for the design of the next civil society policy framework from 2019 onwards.

Under the project, eight research groups have been granted funding by NWO-WOTRO and are in the process of investigating the position of CSOs around three core themes: CSOs and civic engagement, CSOs and the aid chain and CSOs in an enabling environment. Six of these projects started during the first call: four in Africa (three in Kenya, one in Ethiopia), one in Ukraine and one in India. After the second call, two studies were added, focusing on CSOs in an enabling environment, the first in Bangladesh and Zambia and the second in Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Palestine. The research produced by the projects has been shared in workshops organized by INCLUDE and on the website and is already contributing to the evidence base of the policy framework Dialogue & Dissent and the support of CSOs by the Ministry.

You can find an update on our progress in the first year at this link.

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