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Policy highlights:
  • The right of security of land tenure (i.e. the right of every person to effective protection by the state against forced evictions and the possibility of selling) can greatly contribute to poverty reduction and livelihood prospects in developing countries.
  • Benefits of land tenure security go beyond improving the situation for individuals, they also contribute to environmentally sustainable development, reduce conflicts through land registration, and, if rights are equally extended to women, have the potential to reduce gender disparities.
  • In many African countries, land laws and regulations inherited from conflict-riddled pasts are still forming major obstacles to the adequate promotion of land tenure security. Even where regional governments have instituted local policies that allow for people to take advantage of greater tenure security, such as in Ethiopia, policy failures on a national level are a cause for concern.
  • Governments should be convinced to move to more inclusive land tenure, not by means of international treaties couched in grand moral terms, but by fostering awareness of the substantive economic gains that can result from reliable and enforced land ownership rights.

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