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“Imagine you are the minister of Foreign trade and international cooperation of the Netherlands for one day, and you can decide on one measure to bring about inclusive development in Africa. What would be your proposal? 

Many countries in Africa experienced high economic growth in past decades. But many African people don’t profit from this growth. Poverty rates remain high, benefits are not equally distributed and large groups in society are excluded. How do you make sure that vulnerable and poor parts of the population, especially women and youth, profit from economic development as well? What policies will you design for economic transformation, to create more jobs, and bring about social protection? Do you choose for a particular sector, or a totally different approach?”

In preparation for the conference on inclusive development on 21st November, INCLUDE and Vice Versa are working on a special issue about inclusive development. Vice Versa is a journalistic platform on international cooperation. This special issue will focus on the different research projects of INCLUDE and will be shared during the conference in November.

We invite you to send in your answer to the question formulated above before Friday the 5th of October to Joris Tielens, Your contribution may be 175 words maximum, and we encourage your originality and authenticity. Vice Versa will use your comments in an article in the special issue of Vice Versa on inclusive development.




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