Vanessa Nigten

Vanessa Nigten has been working for The Broker since September 2013. She is a knowledge broker at the Office of the Dutch Food & Business Knowledge Platform. One of the knowledge platforms initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, executed jointly by Agri-ProFocus, Wageningen University and The Broker. She also works as a research editor at The Broker.

Vanessa is a global sustainable development specialist with theoretical and practical knowledge of Dutch and international development policies. She gained her wide experience in this field at the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR), Partos (the umbrella organization for Dutch NGOs), the Dutch expertise and advisory centre for citizenship and international cooperation NCDO, and the JongOS network for young professionals in development cooperation.

Vanessa has a background in Sociology and Public Administration (University of Amsterdam), with focus on the Dutch Parliament, Burkina Faso and Citizenship.

  • Dutch parliament, Burkina Faso and citizenship