Maya Turolla Profile

Maya Turolla

Maya Turolla is a social and political social scientist, specialized on youth employment and entrepreneurship in Africa. Maya holds Joint PhD in Political Studies with the University of Bologna and the Radboud University, with a study on youth in agribusiness in Uganda. Through extensive ethnographic fieldwork in Uganda, Maya explored the theories of change of dozens programs for youths strengthened her expertise in rural development and youth agripreneurship. In a post-doc research in Ghana, Maya further explored youth rural to urban migration.

As a Knowledge Manager at INCLUDE, Maya will be putting science at the service of inclusive and sustainable development, by promoting evidence-based decision- & policy-making for youth employment in Africa. She will be responsible for creating and sustaining synergies between policy makers, civil society, scientists and experts to improve youth employment in Africa, within the joint initiative with IDRC and ILO ‘Boosting Decent Employment for Africa’s Youth’.