Manon Heuvels

Manon Heuvels is a knowledge manager at the Secretariat of INCLUDE. She holds a Master’s in Cultural Anthropology/Non-Western Sociology from the University of Amsterdam. She has conducted research on migration and changing gender and family relations in Morocco. Manon has extensive experience working with NGOs, including Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) in Namibia, where she worked as an institutional advisor on income generating projects for women in a farmers cooperative, and Oxfam Novib, where she worked as a programme officer for the Horn of Africa on food security, health, education, gender, human rights and emergency response. She has also worked as a monitoring and evaluation officer and senior programme manager for the Women’s Empowerment, Mainstreaming and Networking for Gender Justice in Economic Development (WEMAN) programme. Before joining INCLUDE, Manon worked at AMREF Flying Doctors, in a strategic partnership with the YES I DO Alliance on child marriage, teenage pregnancy and female genital mutilation and the Health Systems Advocacy Partnership, which is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Dialogue & Dissent programme.