Karin Nijenhuis

Karin is a Knowledge Manager at the INCLUDE Secretariat. She has a unique background in law and human geography and holds a PhD in rural development sociology. Bridging the worlds of knowledge, development projects and policy in Africa as a knowledge manager now gives her the opportunity to integrate her broad working experiences in these areas.

Before Karin started her PhD on the mobility of farmers in relation to access to land and conflict in Mali, she worked as a socio-legal researcher and lecturer on environmental issues (VU University Amsterdam; University of Amsterdam). She then worked as a policy officer at WOTRO Science for Global Development and, after that, she gained extensive experience in managing large projects in Africa for international development organizations, including Oxfam Novib and the Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC), which aims to enhance the rule of law. In addition, she taught Law and Governance in Africa at Leiden University. Karin has extensive research and working experience in West and East Africa, in particular Mali, Benin, Uganda and Rwanda.


  • Human geography