Isa Baud

Isa Baud is emeritus Professor in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam. As a Professor, she was responsible for the acquisition and implementation of research programmes on major themes, including Spatial information infrastructure and urban governance for multi-dimensional poverty reduction: comparing middle-size Indian cities, New Forms of Urban Governance, Urban Environmental Management (EU 4th Framework INCO-DC) and Poverty and development between state, market and civil society. Isa is the former head of EU 7th Framework project Chance2Sustain: Urban Chances, City Growth and the Sustainability Challenge, coordinating an international research programme on urban knowledge management configurations for sustainabilities in medium-sized fast growing cities in India, Peru, Brazil and South Africa. Previously she was Professor in Urban Studies in developing countries at the VU University Amsterdam and a staff member of the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies in Rotterdam. Isa Baud is the current President of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) and Chair of the NWO-WOTRO ‘Urbanising deltas of the world’ (UDW) Programme Steering Committee.

  • urban studies