Harrie Oostingh

Harrie Oostingh is a development economist graduated from Wageningen University and former INCLUDE platform member. After his graduation he spent 10 years working in Central America and the Caribbean managing programmes in the field of land rights, labour rights and social protection. In this position he worked extensively with member based organizations and social movements in the region. In 2007 he entered Oxfam Novib as a specialist in the field of risk management and social protection. He was responsible for the development, testing and resourcing of new initiatives in the field of micro-insurance, social protection and climate change adaptation. In this period he organized several trainings and was member (and chair) of a number of working groups, including the Working group on Social Protection, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CORDAID, Wageningen University, KIT Amsterdam and Oxfam. Currently Harrie is working as program development lead for Oxfam, with a particular focus on social inclusion and civil society activism. He designed Oxfam’s VOICE programme on inclusion of most marginalized and discriminated groups and is working on common approach to manage risks of civil society and activists in the context of shrinking civil space.

  • Development economics, social inclusion