Poverty and inequality are among the root causes of conflict, instability, and widespread migration from Africa. In the current context of high population growth, enhancing decent employment for young men and women is a key policy priority to reduce poverty and inequality because youth are three times as likely to be un(der)employed compared to adults. Through the support of INCLUDE, the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC), in conjunction with the Economic Research Forum (ERF) and Overseas Development Institute (ODI) have conducted collaborative research on “Income and work for young men and women in Africa: A Political Economy and Social Equity Approach to the Employment Potential of Specific Sectors and Subsectors in African Economies”. 

The research uses empirical evidence to identify employment sectors with the highest multipliers and potential to provide employment opportunities for Africa’s youth. The research draws on country-specific research from Tunisia, Egypt, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda to identify the growth sectors, provide evidence on country-specific actors and conditions needed to support these sectors, and identify ways to promote equal access to these opportunities by all youth regardless of their gender, socio-economic background, or geographical location.

This Regional Policy Forum brings together key stakeholders who have important roles to play in shaping the new research findings, paving new policy directions, and initiating innovative practices in the areas of youth and employment.

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