The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA; DSO/MO) and the INCLUDE Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies  are pleased to invite you to the lunch seminar titled ‘Civic Space and Non-State Actors’.

There is a worrying trend of closing civic space worldwide. In many countries social movements are repressed, journalists are persecuted, internet is censored and human rights defenders are harassed. While it is getting clearer how and why states limit civic space, little is known about the role of non-state actors – such as societal groups, companies and para-legal security forces – in closing civic space.

In our seminar two research groups will share their first findings on the role of non-state actors. Their research projects make cross-continental comparisons on the following topics:

These researches are part of a larger research programme – in collaboration with NWO-WOTRO and knowledge platform INCLUDE – which scrutinizes the assumptions behind the Dialogue and Dissent policy framework. As these researches are geared towards policy relevance, we will focus our discussion on questions of how we as donors or as civil society partners can use this knowledge to support our partners in difficult circumstances.


12:00   Lunch (provided by MFA)

12:30   Welcome by To Tjoelker (head DSO/MO)

12:40   Presentations by the research groups

13:10   Reflection by panel

13:25   Open discussion and Q&A

14:00   Closing



Black stairs 4th floor (04.A.036), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rijnstraat 8, The Hague

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