The objective of the Policy Knowledge Community (PKC) is to create a more structured and holistic network that shares knowledge and promotes the prioritization of local interests by investors in the extraction of natural resources in Mozambique. The first multi-stakeholder workshop to launch the PKC will be held on 28-29 July 2016 in Maputo. The objectives of the Kick-off Forum are to:

  1. Articulate the perspectives and research/knowledge needs from policy makers
  2. Establish main areas of consensus among diverse views by policy actors
  3. Discuss how the activities of the PKC align with other policy dialogue processes in Mozambique
  4. Align activities of the Policy Knowledge Community (PKC) to the current work of policy makers and contribute to development of their agenda and activity implementation
  5. Create and cultivate ownership of the PKC activities and engagement processes to enhance uptake of project results and strengthen the national policy agenda

The Kick-off Forum will bring together civil society and government representative participants working on sectors related to the national policies assessed by this project, including: government representatives from the sectors of Labour, Trade and Industry, Youth, Finance, Gender and Energy/Natural resources.

Organizer: Centro de Integridade Pública (Centre for Public Integrity) and the National Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (INEFP)

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