High economic growth in many African countries has not generated sufficient productive employment or reduced poverty. A key question therefore is which barriers to transcend to generate productive employment that realizes inclusive development. INCLUDE and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform organize a discussion session with Dr. Shiferaw, director of Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP), and policy makers and practitioners in the Netherlands. Aim of the meeting is to connect knowledge on employment generation in inclusive value chains in and with Africa to questions of Dutch policy stakeholders.

PEP (Partnership for Economic Policy) is a Nairobi based network that links researchers globally to enhance capacity for (economic) development policy analysis in developing countries. PEP has a research program on Policy Analysis on Growth and Employment with excellent and relevant studies on employment generation. Shiferaw is also team leader of one of the five studies Productive Employment of the Knowledge Platform INCLUDE. This project studies new contracts for smallholder farmers in the avocado sector in Kenya and Peru, with an emphasis on those integrated in the modern export sector and specifically addresses employment generation and working conditions for women and youth.

By reviewing the outcomes of the PEP High Level Policy Forum on Unlocking Africa’s growth for employment and poverty reduction as well as research findings from PEP projects, Dr. Shiferaw will address how to maximize the potential of (agricultural) value chains for inclusive development and employment in Africa, especially for women and youth. After his speech, Monique Calon (DDE) will relate this knowledge on current policy practices and will give impetus to a debate with Shiferaw and the audience in which the following questions will be addressed: How can policy stakeholders, including donors, assist in bringing this knowledge into practice? How does that relate to current initiatives in this field? What issues need further research & knowledge exchange?


15:30-15:40 Introduction Margriet Kuster, BIS

15:40-16:10 Presentation by Bekele Shiferaw

16:10-16:20 Reflections from Monique Calon, DDE

16:20-17:15 Dialogue with the audience

17:15- Drinks


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Please note that identification is necessary to enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Date: 23rd June 2015 
Time: 3:30 pm – 5:15 pm 

Organizer: INCLUDE and F&BKP

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