This panel in the frame of Africa Knows! conference is co-organised by INCLUDE Knowledge Platform with Edukans, Center for International Studies Universitário de Lisboa (CEI-IUL)  and Advance Afrika (Uganda).


This panel investigates issues related to youth employment, job creation and various types of (vocational) education and training strategies in Africa.

This panel will feature six papers that will consider the importance of technical skills and indigenous knowledge in relation to more generic ‘life’ skills and talent. The planned discussion will address regional and in-country differences as well as how can we learn from each other about good (and not-so-good) practices.

Ideally, participants are advised to have an extra device available e.g an additional smartphone next to the device you use to participate in the panel. It will be used during the interactive quiz that is planned during the session. However those with no additional device can still take part in the quiz.


Access is restricted to registered participant of Africa Knows! conference.

UPDATE: If you are interested in joining this panel only (but haven’t registered for the whole conference), please email Agnieszka Kazimierczuk: 

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