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The research consortium focusing on “Social and Health Policies for Inclusive Growth (SHPIG) in Kenya and Ghana” has published a Policy Brief based on their findings. Below are the key policy messages.

First, in order to understand the overall dynamics of policy change and social  protection, as well as the mutual influence of different policies on each other, it is important to separately analyse the reform trajectories of each policy instrument and their explanatory factors.

Second, the local political economy of cash transfers and social health protection (i.e.  the implementation architecture across regions and the perception of the roles and responsibilities of implementing institutions) plays an important role  in how policies are implemented.

Third, taking payments more regular, substantive and accessible could contribute to increasing the long-term impact of cash transfer programmes on productivity and inclusive growth.

Finally, opportunity costs for rural beneficiaries, in the form of transportation, travel time, and long waiting hours, should be reduced by establishing more collection points and introducing mobile collection and mobile banking.

Read the entire Policy Brief: Social and Health Policies for Inclusive Growth (SHPIG) in Kenya and Ghana: Preliminary policy messages





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