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The African Policy Dialogue (APD) on women’s entrepreneurship and social protection in Uganda has published its end of project report. The objective of this dialogue, which started in February 2016, was to enhance the use of research evidence generated by INCLUDE research groups and other institutions in the formulation and implementation of policies relating to women entrepreneurship and social protection. To achieve the objectives, the APD organised inception meetings, generated synthesis reports, and paid attention to dissemination, communication and advocacy.  The key conclusions of this APD are:

  • Entrepreneurship development is one of the strategies through which employment creation and income generation for the youth can be achieved.
  • Monitoring of outcomes of women entrepreneurship and social protection programmes is difficult because formulation and implementation is largely politically driven and does not rely on a well-planned and mapped-out impact strategy.
  • Financing of social protection is yet to be a high priority agenda in government policies.

Overall, this APD has  provided research evidence on what works and does not work in women entrepreneurship programmes and social protection in Uganda. Further, through this APD, the level of informality of women entrepreneurs and their vulnerability to access formal social protection is now being debated across various platforms in Uganda.


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