INCLUDE Platform

Research activities conducted in the period January-March 2015:

  • First draft of a broader theoretical framework
  • Mapping of Dutch businesses in Kenya
  • Starting historical mapping of Dutch and Kenyan policies/institutions linked to development and productive employment

Additional activities:

  • Submitting and being accepted to organise a panel entitled “Institutional setting for promoting productive employment among Dutch Multinationals (MNCs) in Africa”  during CERES/IOB conference ‘Development 2.0 or “Business as usual”? Private Sector, Institutions and Development’ on 24-26 June in Antwerp. Both project junior researchers (Charles and Agnieszka) to present their findings on Kenya and Nigeria.
  • Submitting an abstract to the 9th International Conference in Critical Management Studies “Is there an alternative? Management after critique” at University of Leicester on 8-10 July 2015 to a Stream 8: “Towards inclusive development? Transformation in the public, private and civic sectors in developing countries.”  Paper accepted is entitled “Historical overview of policies and institutions on productive employment in Kenya and The Netherlands, in the context of multinational corporations” (Agnieszka)
  • Presentation of the project to visiting bachelor students at ASC Leiden (Agnieszka)
  • SID NL Member Event on Thursday 26 March:  presenting a pitch and discussion point for group discussions among the SID NL members. The panel attracted big attention from present SID members (more than 20 people). Dr Akinyoade and prof Uche introduced the project  and open the floor for discussion. A number of good suggestions and research points were raised by SID members – representatives from Hivos, ISS and INCLUDE Platform among others. The comments and suggestions were considered particularly useful at this early stage of the project and will be taken into consideration by the research team.

Objectives for the coming 2-3 months:

  • Finalise policy mapping for The Netherlands, Kenya, Nigeria
  • Start with company case studies
  • Nigerian Junior Researcher (Charles) will be in The Netherlands in April-June 2015. He will attend CERES PhD training course and give a presentation at the CERES/IOB conference in Antwerp end of June.

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