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The research project Increasing Political Leverage of Informal and Formal Workers’ Organisations for Inclusive Development: The Cases of Ghana and Benin kicked-off with an inception workshop on 8 and 9 December 2014 in Cotonou, Benin. The overall aim of the workshop was to make sure the research plan can become operational and will have practical value. In addition, consensus was sought on the main conceptual and methodological framework of the research.

The research will have an actor-oriented approach from the viewpoint of informal workers and their livelihoods. From a political economy perspective, it will also engage in a collective action analysis focusing on the vibrant relationships and power dynamics between the different actors. Building on this, the participants discussed key concepts such as informal workers, trade unions and informal workers’ organisations. All informal workers operating in the formal and informal economy will be included in the study, with the sole exception of those strictly involved in agricultural activities.

The first stage of the research project was discussed, namely the mapping of the ways in which informal workers’ organisations and trade unions collaborate on labour issues for informal workers in Ghana and Benin. Further, the quantitative part of the research was scrutinized and the outlines of the donor chain analysis were debated. And workshop participants brainstormed on the creation of labour research networks, which could link knowledge institutes with the labour movements in Ghana and Benin more structurally.

Read the full report of the kick-off meeting here.

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