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Report of the national conference on “Social Protection as a pathway for inclusive development” in Ethiopia

By: Obadia Miroro | 12-01-2018 | News

The research group on Social Protection for Inclusive Development in Afar (SPIDA) hosted a national conference on “Social Protection as a pathway for inclusive development among the pastoral and agro-pastoralist communities in Africa” in Adigrat, the Afar region state of Ethiopia on 25-26 November 2017.  The objective of the conference was to disseminate findings and recommendations of two-year research project on the implementation and impact of the Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP).

Key findings: Impact and challenges of the PSNP

  • The PSNP transfers on average increases income from non-farm activities.
  • The PSNP had positive and highly significant effect on households’ consumption.
  • However, households that benefited from the PSNP still have low income.
  • Indigenous weather forecasting systems coexist with modern meteorological systems.
  • Rural households targeted by the PSNP are vulnerable to climate induced shocks and lack the capacity to cope with the shocks.
  • The PSNP standard targeting criteria ignores socio-economic conditions that influence beneficiaries’ livelihoods such as local knowledge and vulnerability.

Policy recommendations

  • To enhance effectiveness of interventions, the design and targeting criteria of social programmes such as the PSNP should consider the social-economic livelihoods of target beneficiaries. In the Afar region of Ethiopia, the following considerations are key.
    • Community participation
    • Social structures and cultural values
  • In community targeting, policy and programme interventions should give more attention to female-headed households.
  • There is a need to digitize the Afar Indigenous Knowledge on weather forecasting and co-production with modern meteorological science.
  • Interventions in pastoral and agro pastoral communities should centralize water development, animal health services and natural resource management.


One of the key outcomes of the conference was a declaration that “called upon all concerned parties to continue building up on the research outcomes and findings and closely work with the stakeholders in the Afar Region of Ethiopia” to ensure that the PSNP addresses the needs and priorities of the Afar pastoral and agro-pastoral communities.

Follow the link below to read the entire report.


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