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Postdoc Dr Addisu Lashitew starts research on inclusive business models at PrC in Rotterdam

By: INCLUDE Secretariat | 03-02-2015 | Research update

Last week, Dr Addisu Lashitew started his research at the Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) in Rotterdam. His research is part of the Research Group  ‘How Inclusive Business Strategies can contribute to Inclusive Development in Sub-Saharan Africa?‘, that is funded by INCLUDE through NWO/WOTRO.


Addisu Lashitew originally comes from Ethiopia. He holds a Master of Science degree in environmental economics from Wageningen University and a PhD in economics from University of Groningen. His PhD thesis investigated the causes behind the low level of productivity in developing countries, focusing on the misallocation of resources across manufacturing firms. His area of research includes investment, productivity and sustainability in emerging and developing countries. He has specifically researched the contributions of foreign direct investment to local development, focusing on spillover effects to local producers and other indirect benefits. Moreover, he is interested in researching the challenges and opportunities firms face while implementing inclusive business practices in emerging and developing countries.


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Dereje Ferede Asrat

2015-03-4 16:03

I really proud of you. Thank you very much for your continuous endeavor on the opportunities and challenges of low level productivity and investment in developing countries particular in Africa. How ever, how do you see the FDI in Ethiopia? Since a lot of incentives are provided by the government for foreign investors and at the same time there is problem of Financial reporting.


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