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Marleen Dekker, coordinator of the INCLUDE Secretariat, has been appointed Professor of Inclusive Development in Africa at the African Studies Centre, Leiden University. Dekker has worked as a senior researcher at the African Studies Centre since 2010. The appointment testifies to the increased attention being paid to inclusive development in research. It also acknowledges the importance of promoting dialogue between researchers, policymakers and practitioners.

Marleen is trained as a human geographer and holds a PhD in Development Economics. Her focus is on the role of social networks in accessing markets and local socio-economic development. She has conducted research in Zimbabwe and Nigeria, among other places.

Marleen will give her inaugural lecture on 9 October. You are invited to attend the lecture. If you wish to do so, please register at the bottom of this page.

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Bakri Abdul Karim

2017-10-4 15:10

congratulations, Marleen. a very well dereved appointement.


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