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The kick-off meeting of the research group ‘Productive Employment in the Segmented Markets of Fresh Produce’ (PRESM) was held in Nairobi, Kenya, on 6 November 2014. After the meeting, the research group visited the Kakuzi avocado farm and met small-scale avocado farmers. A key element of this research project is to further understand how different contract modalities with smallholder farmers can be applied to ensure a steadier supply of high quality avocados to Kakuzi, and higher incomes and better employment opportunities for farmers.

The aim of the kick-off meeting was to consult with stakeholders on key issues regarding research and policy and to develop a shortlist of priority issues for productive employment in the Fresh Produce sector.

Overall, the kick-off meeting was very successful. It brought together all key collaborators and stakeholders. Several ideas were discussed, including how to launch the field research, participatory assessment of the prevailing conditions in the avocado sub-sector, and opportunities for enhancing productive employment. The field work and discussion with exporters and small-scale farmers were essential in understanding field-level realities, challenges and opportunities in the sector. The partners agreed to develop a comprehensive work plan for 2015 in the full spirit of collaboration and teamwork.

Read the full report of the kick-off meeting here.

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