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In order to promote evidence-based policies in the field of inclusive development, INCLUDE aims to link the research projects in the RIDSSA programme to existing knowledge and broader ongoing policy discussions in the countries of research. The studies are funded through NWO/WOTRO Science for Global Development and kicked off in the second half of 2014. Dialogue between researchers, policy makers and practitioners is an integral part of the research projects – right from the outset.

To facilitate and encourage the connection between the research projects and relevant policy discussions, the Secretariat has started to map existing practices and experiences in the countries of research. The objective is to identify policy makers and stakeholders, how they are currently using policy relevant knowledge, what their knowledge needs are, and how those needs can be met by effective knowledge sharing activities. The mapping has a country focus and addresses the thematic fields in Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda. The report on Benin will follow later.

The reports present an overview of existing key policies concerning inclusive development, roughly covering the period 2012-2017, with a focus on productive employment and social protection. Related policy makers and stakeholders are identified as well as a broad range of organizations that are actively engaged in the knowledge/policy dialogue, such as think tanks and NGOs, and their knowledge sharing activities are listed. For each of the research projects a link is made to relevant policy issues in the specific country (or countries), and an overview of relevant policy makers and stakeholders (including the Netherlands Embassy) that might show an interest in the outcomes of the studies, is provided.

The mapping has been based on the following sources of information:

  • Internet research on knowledge institutions and ongoing policy processes;
  • Existing documents and key experts consulted by the Secretariat;
  • Members of INCLUDE working in the focus countries;
  • Researchers of the research groups;
  • Members of the Steering Committee; and
  • Members of the networks of the consortium partners in the Secretariat (AERC, ASC, ISS, The Broker)

The reports are essentially documents ‘in progress’ that can be considered a starting point for INCLUDE and the research groups to initiate knowledge sharing activities in the countries. The summaries can be found on the respective country pages or here. For more information, please contact the Secretariat.

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