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At the conference on youth employment organized by INCLUDE and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague on 30 May 2017, speakers and participants discussed what works to boost youth employment in Africa. As a follow up to this meeting, INCLUDE will organize a roundtable in Arusha, Tanzania on 1 December 2017. This time we will go beyond the question of what works and discuss how things work.

The roundtable will focus on strategic actors for employment creation in Africa. It will particularly look at the roles that different (coalitions of) actors can, or should, play in creating employment and facilitating employment creation. Specific reference will be made to the role of the private sector, as well as the potential for including vulnerable or marginalized groups, particularly women and youth in employment creation. We will facilitate a constructive dialogue between strategic actors from the private sector, international institutions, civil society organizations and government representatives.

The goals of the roundtable are to:

  • Exchange state of the art knowledge and the experiences of strategic actors for inclusive development, particularly in relation to employment creation
  • Create a platform for dialogue between the private sector, government, international institutions and civil society organizations on strategic action for employment in Africa
  • Formulate evidence-based lessons for concrete action by (coalitions of) strategic actors to create or facilitate the creation of substantial productive employment in Africa

Speakers will include Audax Rukonge (Agricultural Non State Actors Forum, Tanzania), Didier Acouetey (AfricSearch: Talent Sourcing and Development), Abebe Shimeles (African Development Bank), Yakubu Debiro A. Mshelia (sorghum and sorghum seed farmer, Nigeria), and Dr Aggrey Mlimuka (Association of Tanzanian Employers, Tanzania), as well as INCLUDE Platform members.

In preparation for this roundtable, INCLUDE has prepared a highlights document of its (forthcoming) synthesis publication on strategic actors for employment creation. These highlights can be downloaded here.

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