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This year, INCLUDE has introduced a database of policy highlights. It presents the main messages of relevant publications on civic space in a comprehensive way, looking at the role of CSOs in inclusive development and what they mean for research, policy and practice.

Under the programme ‘New roles of CSOs for inclusive development’, six research groups are investigating the position of CSOs around three core themes: CSOs and civic engagement; CSOs and the aid chain; and CSOs in an enabling environment. Four projects will be conducted in Africa (three in Kenya, one in Ethiopia), one in Ukraine and one in India.

The knowledge base for this project was initiated in the past months and is becoming larger and more relevant. Last week, INCLUDE has added policy highlights for another 7 publications, making a total of 19 publications.

Some recurring themes presented in the knowledge base include:

  • Country-specific contexts, trends and case studies
  • Upward and downward accountability
  • Different factors relating to legitimacy
  • The complexity of change in advocacy efforts
  • Innovative initiatives, partnerships and movements
  • Power dynamics

As a knowledge platform, we hope this knowledge base provides a tool to connect policymakers, development practitioners and academics in an effort to increase informed and evidence-based policy making. Do you have relevant resources on inclusive development that you would like to share publicly? Send in your resources by filling in the form here (scroll to bottom right of  page).

Resources in the portal have the following characteristics:

  • They are relevant in at least one of the three core themes
  • They are recent (not more than 5 years old) – if older, please specify why the resource is still relevant
  • They are available for everyone (i.e. open source)



Photo credits: Rachel Welles via Flickr

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