Sarah Borgerdijn

Sarah is a student assistant at the INCLUDE Secretariat. She is currently studying Political Science (Msc) at Leiden University, specializing in Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict and Development. Her key interests include EU-Africa cooperation, sustainable development and international migration. Her attention is particularly on North-Africa and the Sahel region.

Sarah holds a BA with Honours in European studies from the University of Amsterdam and a BA in French Language and Culture from the same university. As part of a five-month exchange programme, she studied Moroccan politics, Islamic civilisation and Arabic language at the Faculty of Governance, Social sciences and Economics (EGE) in Rabat, Morocco. She also successfully completed an internship at the Moroccan think thank OCP Policy Centre, where she worked on the organisation of the 2017 edition of The Atlantic Dialogues conference, held under the theme of Africa in global politics. Subsequently, Sarah successfully completed a three-month internship at the Embassy of the Netherlands in France.